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      How to Bridge the Generation Gap?

      The generation gap is unavoidable in almost every family, which brings about a number of conflicts in a family. In my opinion, to limit the bad effects of the generation gap, each family should use the following three methods:

      First of all, it is important that family members discuss openly about their pleasures or sadness in childhood in family gatherings. This activity does not only create a close relationship but also help build up understanding among all members. For instance, once children are aware that their grandparents and even their parents did not have a good upbringing during their hard childhood, they will stop plaining about the previous generations’ obsoleteness. In the meantime, once old people realize young people are nurtured in a new modern way, it is easy for them to be tolerant of young people’s new habits or hobbies.

      Secondly, people of each generation should not develop a very high feeling about themselves. In order to do that, they should not think that they are the only right people in their family because each person has his or her own limitations. Teenagers would realize that their parents have to struggle with pain to support them financially, and they would stop rebelling their strictness. Parents would realize that their children’s new style does no harm to their studies and stop imposing their own unsuitable standards on their children.

      Finally, the generation gap and its bad effects can be limited if all members cooperate to build up a close-knit family relationship and a harmonious atmosphere in which they are open and tolerant of each other. I strongly believe that each family, by doing that, can enjoy a cozy atmosphere with minimum interference by the generation gap.






      Generation gap Generation gap refers to the distance and contradiction(矛盾) between the old and the youth. It’s a mon(常见的) phenomenon(现象) that exits everywhere in the world and influences both the old and the youth. Generally speaking, generation gap results in different understanding and appreciation of the great and constant changes of the world, different reaction to new things, and different attitudes to tradition(传统) principles(原则) and beliefs. Therefore, we may say where there are the old and the youth; there is the generation gap. Generation gap is natural, but very influential(有影响的). If we cannot deal withit appropriately(适当地), the gap will be greater and greater and consequently(结果) affect the work and the relation between the old and the young.

      The generation gap refers to the difference in attitude toward thing or the lack of understanding between young people and older folks.

      In families as well as in society, the young and the older may not agree with each other on this and that from time to time. Young people would llke to make as much money as they could and spend as much money as they could earn while older folks are easily satisfied with what they earn and save as much as possible. Young people llke the exciting and deafening pop music while older folks prefer melodious folk-songs or classic music. A boy and a glrl today may fall in love with each other as quick as lightning, while their parents or grand parents might trudge over a long distance before they kissed each other and became lovers when they were young.

      However, we should not be amazed at the generation gap,for it is quite natural in the development of society. The world is a changing world, in which everything keeps changing, generations of human beings included. And changes lead to progress.

      Nowadays, the problems of generation gap bee more and more serious. The poor relationship between parents and their children is very mon. Are these problems caused by the busy parents? Or, do the harsh family rules affect the relationship of parents and children?

      Firstly, in most of the families in China both of the parents have to go out for work in order to earn more money to provide better environment for their lovely children. Unfortunately, this causes the rare munication between them and theft children, since these parents always take rest during leisure time. These parents and children cannot know deeply about each other and friction will appear. Secondly, parents who ask their children to be absolutely obedient is also one of the grave causes of the generation gap between them! They do not try to municate with their children as their equals. Thus, misinterpretation of them may easily occur.

      To solve these problems, the busy parents should sacrifice their spare time to municate with their children actively and friendly to improve their relation. At the same time, they can also observe their childrens behavior at the same time in order to understand heir childrens personality as it can reduce the quarrel between them. Besides that, the parents should try to give up their absolute power in family so as lo make their children feel free to chat with them.

      代沟之我见My View on Generation Gap

      According to the variety of social background, personal experience and personal emotion, differernt people have different opinions towards things. Thus, there is no doubt that generation gap exists everywhere. We always find that there are big differences between us and the old generation. We always regard the old are outdated, while they think us are crazy. They can’t bear the dress we like, the fashion we pursue or even our childish thinking. Instead, we could put up with their standpat thingking and their “feudal rulers”. Thus, the generation gap bees more and more obvious and serious. However, why don’t we realize that opinions can be changed, while people can’t. So, we can think in an other way, learn to accept. It is certain that we can narrow the generation gap to live a more harmonious life.

      由于社会背景,个人的经历和个人情感的不一样,不一样的人对事情有不一样的看法。因此,毫无疑问代沟随处可见。 我们总是发现我们和老一代之间有很大的差异。我们总是认为他们思想守旧,而他们却觉得我们疯狂。他们不能忍受我们喜欢的衣服,我们追求的时尚甚至是我们幼稚的思维方式。相反,我们觉得他们思想保守,“封建专制”。因此,代沟越来越明显和严重。但是,为什么我们没有意识到想法是能够改变的,而人却是不能够的。所以,我们能够尝试换位思考,学会去理解。能够肯定的是,我们能够缩小代沟过上更和谐的生活。

      Generation Gap

      Generation gap refers to the misunderstanding between the old and young. The term came into fashion after the 1980s. However, in recent years, the phenomenon is getting more and more fierce.

      How does generation gap e into being? The first reason is that the two generations have grown up in different ages, thus they have different attitudes toward life. Secondly, due to having little in mon with each other, they are unwilling to sit down and talk face to face. Besides, as modern life is so stressful, both of them are so busy with their study or work that they have not enough time to exchange their ideas.

      To bridge the generation gap is not easy at all, but we can do something to shorten it. For one thing, children should respect their parents as well as accept their good advice. For another, parents should not only show their love and care to the kids, but also support their good life view. As long as the old and young can understand each other, it would be more harmonious in family and world.





      Nowadays, there is often a lack of understanding between parents and children. Children always complain that their parents are out of date, while parents can’t approve of what their children say and do. Thus, a big generation gap is formed.


      The gap remains wide for many reasons. Children want to be free to choose their own friends, select their own classes in school, plan their own future, earn and spend their own money, and generally run their own life in a more independent way than many parents allow. Also, young children wish to be understood by their parents, but most parents don’t quite understand their children. They regard it as their responsibility to teach their offspring traditional beliefs. They want them to be obedient and do well in school. Therefore, misunderstanding often arise from parents’ tendency to interfere in children’s daily activities.


      In my opinion, most problems between parents and children could be solved by joint efforts of both sides to enhance mutual understanding.


      A few years ago it was fashionable to speak of a generation gap. Parents complained that children didn’t show them proper respect and obedience, while children complained that their parents didn’t understand them at all. Many critics argue that it is built into the fabric of our society.

      One cause of the generation gap is the opportunity that young people have to choose their own life. In traditional socieries, children live in the same area as their parents, marry people their parents know and approve of, and often continue the family occupation. In our society, people often move out of the home at an early age, marry or live with people their parents have never met, and choose occupations that are rather different.

      In our upwardly mobile society, parents often expect their children to be better than them. However, these ambitions for their children are another cause of the division between them. Often they discover that they have very little in common.

      Finally, the speed of change in our society is another cause of it. In a traditional culture, people are valued for their wisdom, but in our society the knowledge of a lifetime may become out of date. The young and the old seem to live in two very different worlds, separated by different skills and abilities.

      No doubt, the generation gap will continue to be a feature of our life for some time to come. Its causes are rooted in the freedoms and opportunities of our society, and in the rapid pace at which society changes.

      As children approach adulthood,school education has a great effect on the development of them and how to deal with the relationship between teachers and students is quite important.

      Generation gap is natural between parents and children and it is also natural between teachers and students. In fact,it can be narrowed through mutual unterstanding and respect.Good teachers are regarded as the students friends and they will deal with the students problems fairly and equally which will deserve students trust.Besides,students rely on teachers and they hope to ask teachers for help when meeting with difficulties, so a good teacher should have a clear idea of what the students are thinking and caring for and should communicate with them more so that there will be a harmonious atmosphere.Last but not least,students and teachers should respect each other and often think about the things on the others stand so that they can seek a best way to solve the problems when there is any disagreement between them. And I think with mutual understanding and experienced guidance of the teachers,the generation gap will also promote the school education positively.














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